Egypt’s President Al-Sisi delivers speech on June 30th Revolution’s anniversary

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Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi delivered a speech on the anniversary of the June 30th Revolution on Thursday.

Al-Sisi said that Egypt overcame difficulties throughout its ancient history, “I am confident that it will overcome the current international crises and their local repercussions.”

Speaking to the Egyptian people Al-Sisi said: “Your country is on the right path with a solid national will that seeks nothing but public interest. It does not focus on anything but achieving your aspirations towards a decent life and a safe future.”

Al-Sisi indicated that in the lives of nations and peoples there are days like no other when time almost stops in respect for the will of the nation as it pursues life. History slows down with respect to the will of the people when they refuse their resources and future to be tampered with. 

“The glorious June 30th Revolution is a defining moment in the history of this precious homeland when the Egyptian people chose the future they seek for their sons and grandsons,” Al-Sisi explained.

He added that the people chose the modern civil state with its tolerant national Egyptian identity that is open to the world. 

“In the June 30th Revolution, the voice of Egypt was heard, announcing that it was too big to be hijacked and too great for anyone to think he could deceive its great people. During the days of this memorable revolution, the Egyptians wrote for themselves, throughout the country’s cities and villages, a direct constitution stemming from their popular conscience with the headline: Egypt is for the Egyptians, and its destiny will only be determined by its loyal sons.”

“We have encountered ferocious waves of black terrorism; a cursed alliance between the forces of evil and destruction that sought and still seeks to destroy our homeland.”

However, Al-Sisi stressed that these waves were broken on the rocks of the robust will of the Egyptian people. 

He indicated that the country proceeded on both paths in parallel, survival and construction. The survival of the country, consolidating its pillars and building the future. 

“That tremendous effort that Egypt made in the past years, cannot be wasted as the majority of our people are now facing two of the most difficult and harsh global crises for all countries of the world, namely the coronavirus pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.”

The magnitude of the damage that affected the biggest economies is no secret, disrupting global supply chains. This is in addition to the war and the associated unprecedented food crisis, in terms of availability and prices.

“Without the National Economic Reform Programme, which has been implemented successfully since 2016, and the development efforts achieved in the past years that raced against time, confronting the repercussions of the current international situation would have been extremely difficult,” he stressed.

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