Yasmine El-Sweify launches new fast-food experience through SWEFISH

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Yasmine El-Sweify announced the launch of a new experience in the fast-food industry through SWEFISH by the end of the year a rebrand of “Asmak El Sweify.”

In a press statement, El-Sweify, Chairperson of SWEFISH for Fast Seafood Restaurants said that it is a new way to keep pace with the fast daily life and take into consideration the needs of all customers.

“Overtime in light of the market evolution, it has been a must to keep pace with the current change, relying on a great history of reputation and trust over the years, while integrating an expansion strategy, said Yasmine El-Sweify,.

El-Sweify added that we aim to launch a new seafood brand that will occupy a leading position in the fast-food industry, pointing to the fact that for many years, fast food has been limited to beef and poultry.

“So we decided to offer a fast-food restaurant specializing in seafood. We seek to expand outside Egypt to transfer the quality of Egyptian cuisine to the world and compete in the other markets for a product that meets the international standards of quality and safety and customers’ needs,” she indicated.

Yasmine El-Sweify graduated from the American University in Cairo with a degree in Philosophy and Business Administration. She manages all roles related to the SWEFISH all- men entity, which confirms the ability of the Egyptian women to adapt to all the stereotyped conditions by their affiliation with men such as working in the field of fish and seafood.

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