Reactivation of the presidential pardon committee contributes to achieving social peace: MP

Daily News Egypt
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Member of the House of Representatives — Egypt’s lower legislative body in Parliament — Tarek Al-Khouly said that the philosophy of the Presidential Pardon Committee’s existence is to direct the political will of the presidency to use its constitutional powers to pardon imprisoned youths.

Al-Khouly — who is also a member of the committee — said during a telephone interview with the ‘Ninth Programme’ on Channel One on Friday evening that there is a political will to reconsider these issues in order to contribute to the exit of these young people and their re-integration into society.

He pointed out that the committee previously contributed to the release of many detainees, explaining that there is an aspiration that the committee’s work will expand in the next stage.

The MP also pointed out that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s decision to reactivate the committee’s work is one of the most important populist decisions, stressing that the presidential will to reintegrate these people into society again contributes to achieving a state of societal satisfaction and thus achieving communal peace.

Furthermore, he noted that the committee received many requests after its reactivation regarding detainees, explaining that the committee’s role was expanded from a humanitarian point of view with regard to the issue of debtors, as the matter has been added to list of issues under the purview of the pardoning body.

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