Integrated Diagnostics Holding signs partnership agreement with Philips to supply X-ray devices

Fatma Salah
2 Min Read

Integrated Diagnostics Holding (IDH) signed a partnership contract with Philips to supply four X-ray machines in addition to providing Al-Borg Scan Centres with the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic X-ray technology.

Ahmed Wafai — Director of Al-Borg Centres — said that the four devices are for the Fifth Settlement branch, which is expected to open within months, pointing out that the partnership will provide Al-Borg with the latest X-ray and MRI devices, which have not previously entered the market.

Wafai added that the company is always keen to deal with entities to also train and provide extra qualifications to its employees, which has a significant impact on the accuracy, speed, and quality of diagnosis.

He pointed out that the new branch will benefit from the company’s technological and digital capabilities by providing the ability for customers to obtain results within 24 hours of taking the test via a text message from the business’ designated WhatsApp account.

For his part, Omar Badawi — Financial Director of IDH — said that Al-Borg has five branches nationwide with an investment cost of approximately EGP 250m. The company aims to open three new branches during the coming period, bringing the total investment cost of the company to about EGP 400m.

Winfried Janssen — Health Systems Leader for Philips Africa — expressed his happiness at signing this contract and his support for cooperating with IDH due to the consensus found between the two companies’ visions to provide the best services and reach the largest number of patients.

Iyad Al-Tayeb — General Manager of Philips Africa — added that Philips International Group is one of the best international companies specialised in the medical field and works in many Arab and foreign countries, and has been extending its work in Egypt for many years.

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