Tawasal: First Arabic-language multi-purpose messenger announces eventual release in MENA

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Tawasal Superapp, a secure multi-purpose messenger and digital lifestyle app, has announced its eventual release in the Middle East and North Africa, offering free video and voice, text, videoconferencing, bots, and lifestyle services.


This application consists of many mini applications, among them a communication platform with free video & audio calls and instant messages with unsurpassed quality & message encryption. This mini application allows its users to send instant messages with the highest speed of file transfer and a wide variety of features; Make free audio and video calls; Create groups in the app support up to 1000 users; Share the user profile as a QR code, if you have set up your username; Translate messages from any language into your native language; Send and share fancy animated stickers with your friends; Set a password for your application; Run a platform for creating chatbots.


There is also the News mini app, in which you can subscribe to popular media channels like CNN, BBC etc, share latest news with your friends, and browse all the popular newspapers from the Gulf. It will be launched soon.


The Sports mini app allows you to subscribe to your favorite team, player or League in a variety of sports including cricket, monitor the statistics, and watch the text in-app broadcast of most exciting games.


Many other characteristics will be added soon to the application, such as the weather widget and the stock prices on the discovery screen, in addition to sections for community and blogs in all mini apps


There will also be the financial services mini app, which offers payments for goods and services, remittance transfers to your relatives abroad, cryptocurrency and shares of companies purchasing and management; and secure cloud storage for your files.


On the other hand, the Booking mini app includes features to book a table, discover menu online, or pay a tip to your waiter. There will also be a mini app for beauty/spa salons and barbershops, offering you a service to book your appointment, and much more.



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