24% of Egypt’s ministerial positions held by women in 2021: CAPMAS

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The Egyptian Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) has stated that eight women (24%) held ministerial positions in the government during 2021.

In a press release marking the International Women’s Day, the CAPMAS said that the Egyptian population inside Egypt reached 103 million in February 2022, of whom 48.5 million females. It means that there are 106.1 males for every 100 females.

Females represented 48.6% of students enrolled in higher education, and 15.2% in the workforce.

The unemployment rate among females was 16.0%, compared to 5.6% for males, while the percentage of female workers, which are 15+ years old, was 12.8% compared to 65.2% for males.

The CAPMAS asserted that the percentage of women occupying scientific professions was 30.9%. Moreover, women represented 10% of those in charge of editing-clerical work; 11.9% of technicians and assistant technicians; 18.5% in the agriculture and fishing sectors; 16% in services and sales; and 1.7% in crafts and related business.

Meanwhile, women had 162 seats in parliament, representing 27% of the House of Representatives.

Notably, the Agricultural Bank of Egypt launched the financing programme “Bab Rizk”, where 32 financial education seminars were held for 3,610 women, and privilege cards were granted to 945 women.

Moreover, Egypt launched a training course for rehabilitation of 45 women with disabilities nationwide on how to set up small projects, and this activity comes within “Irada Project”.

The CAPMAS report indicated that the government and Al-Azhar launched an educational campaign under the slogan, “Family and Community Reunification and Awareness” targeting those who are about to get married to correct misconceptions about violence against women.

The world celebrates International Women’s Day on 8 March, which came after the first congress of the Women’s International Democratic Union on 7 March 1945.

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