Environment Minister reviews green economy agriculture transition during COP26

Daily News Egypt
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Egypt’s Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad participated on Wednesday in a session organised by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) at the COP26 Climate Change Conference, in cooperation with the governments of China and the United States, the Global Environment Facility, and the Green Climate Fund.


The session addressed “green agriculture” transition in order to adapt to climate changes with the aim of supporting action at the global level and on the ground, in the framework of the broader sustainable development plan for 2030.


Moreover, the event aimed to promote green and climate-resilient solutions in agriculture to respond to the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, ecosystem degradation, hunger and poverty, and how green and climate-resilient agri-food systems can help meet climate ambitions, enhance productivity in a sustainable way, increase resilience and food security, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and ensure higher incomes for small producers.


Meanwhile, Fouad stressed the importance of sessions related to sustainable and resilient agriculture and the importance of food security. She noted that Egypt has undertaken a transformational process in this field.


“The transition to sustainable agriculture was not an easy matter, as climate change was integrated into many sectors,” she added.


The Minister of Environment explained that climate change will affect some crops through harsh weather events which will affect the national income of Egypt. Therefore, Egypt has taken several measures, including raising the level of representation in the National Council for Climate Change from technicians to include the Ministers of Agriculture, Electricity, Irrigation, and Planning.

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