ITI cooperates with Pluralsight to offer ‘Leaps’ scholarship

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The Information Technology Institute (ITI) of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has announced its cooperation with the global platform Pluralsight, to provide a training grant to university students and graduates.

The grant will cover about 3,000 trainees from the faculties of engineering and computer science as part of the ‘Leaps Initiative.’

Heba Saleh, the Director of the ITI Information Technology Institute, said that the Leaps Initiative is one of the distinguished specialised training programmes offered by the ITI to train and qualify students of specialised colleges according to the training paths strongly required in the labour market, such as data analysis, smartphone application development, specialisation software, quality assurance, and other specialised training tracks.

Leaps is a specialised training grant with a duration of six months and is organised in parallel with the institute’s other training grants.

The ITI organises two training grants annually on an ongoing basis, the first to be renewed every three months, and the other to be renewed every nine months.

The programme is held online for six months and includes the following specialisations:

Android Application Developer, Cloud Architect, Data Analyst, DevOps Engineer, IT System Administrator, Java Spring Developer, Mean stack Developer, Software Quality Assurance Specialist, and UI/UX Developer (Front End).

Saleh added that the training takes place over two phases. The first phase is training on the basics through the ‘Maharah.Tech’ platform of ITI, after which the trainee completes the advanced stage on the Pluralsight platform with the help and follow-up of the institute’s teaching assistants.

The trainee then obtains accredited certificates from the Institute and Pluralsight after successfully completing the course.

It is worth noting that this training grant comes as part of a series of training, workshops, and specialised career path sessions implemented by the institute to enrich the technological and life skills of university youths and qualify them professionally for the local and international labour market.

The institute is keen on establishing partnerships with major universities and international companies to develop training programmes and provide many grants in various specialities because of their effective and influential role in supporting innovation and creativity and enhancing the competitiveness of the ICT sector in Egypt.

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