‘We want to give Egyptians hope for a better tomorrow’: Al-Sisi

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Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi received on Monday Arab and African public prosecutors who participated in the first Arab international conference on “The Role of Public Prosecutions and Public Prosecution Bodies in Combating Transnational Crimes” in the New Administrative Capital.

In the presence of Attorney General Hamada El-Sawy, President Al-Sisi stressed that the rule of law is the basis of governance, and that justice is the highest human value ​​and the basis of stability in societies.

He also said that Egypt’s vision for cooperation between countries is based on respect for the different cultures, traditions, and values ​​of nations, which requires a full understanding of this issue to accommodate social and economic diversity.

He added that the state’s strategy for development aims to improve all parts of Egypt and give hope to the citizens for a better tomorrow, saying: “The supreme goal is to build the Egyptian human being, so that he may enjoy freedom, justice, and basic rights.”

The president also referred to the importance of the current conference on ways to enhance international cooperation in combating transnational crimes, given that this topic is one of the most important challenges facing the world at the present time.

This event is the first of its kind that brings together members of the Arab and African prosecutions, as it aims to achieve integration and communication between public prosecutions and public prosecution bodies in the region, in a way that enhances international judicial cooperation mechanisms.

The President stressed the importance of the role of the African and Arab prosecution bodies in raising the efficiency of the prosecution services at the regional level, pointing to Egypt’s support for the role of these bodies as one of the most important tools for promoting joint African and Arab action.

Egypt’s Attorney General thanked the president for sponsoring the conference, stressing that the Public Prosecution’s initiative to hold this important event came out of Egypt’s pivotal role at the regional level, especially in the judicial and legal field.

The meeting witnessed an open dialogue between the president and the participating public prosecutors, who thanked the president and Egypt for hosting this important conference, which highlights Egypt’s interest in the president’s leadership to enhance the role of prosecutors at the regional level, and contributes to developing mechanisms to address organized crimes, to keep pace with modern technological developments that exploit In terrorist operations and money laundering, as well as intensifying cooperation to mobilize international efforts and exchange experiences and best practices for detection and investigation.

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