Egypt’s Chemical, Fertilizers Export Council looks into possibility of cooperating with Alibaba

Daily News Egypt
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The Chemical and Fertilizers Export Council in Egypt looks into the possibility of cooperating with the Alibaba e-commerce website in order to increase the Council’s access to foreign markets.

Alibaba is one of the most important and famous global e-commerce sites through which import and export operations are carried out safely without fraud. Its headquarters is located in China, and it has many branches in various Arab countries.

Representatives of the Alibaba in both Egypt and China had made a detailed presentation witnessed by a number of the Council’s members to explain the possibilities of benefiting from the Chinese website in opening new markets in more than 180 countries worldwide and in less than 100 days, as the site ranks first in the world in the field of B2B.

Youssef Mohamed, the representative of Alibaba in Egypt, reviewed the success stories of many companies that succeeded in exporting to foreign markets from economies similar to the Egyptian economy.

According to those in charge of the site, companies resort to e-marketing to increase the volume of their exports, noting that the site ranks first in the world in this field, with about 130 million subscribers.

Youssef Mohamed highlighted a number of important figures, including that 30% of the companies after Covid conduct their transactions online, and that about 40% of the manufacturers and exporters deal through the Internet and electronic platforms, while 77% of buyers prefer to deal through video.

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