European Commission Vice-President visits new Maspero metro station in Cairo

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Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, and Franciscus Timmermans, First Vice-President of the European Commission, have visited the new Maspero metro station within the third phase of Cairo Metro Line 3.

The visitors also included Christian Berger, Ambassador of the European Union to Egypt; Alfredo Abad, Head of Regional Representation at European Investment Bank (EIB); ​Fabio Grazi, director of the French Development Agency in Cairo, Essam Wali, President of the National Authority for Tunnels; and representatives of the French Embassy in Cairo.

During the inspection tour, Essam Wali gave a presentation on the development of the third phase of Cairo Metro Line 3, which aims to reduce commuting time, traffic congestion in Greater Cairo, and carbon dioxide emissions by about 9.3 million tonnes. 

Al-Mashat said that the transport sector is one of the sectors that benefited the most from the international partnerships that the Ministry of International Cooperation holds with multilateral and bilateral development partners, based on the priority the state gives to developing the sector’s infrastructure in a way that supports comprehensive and sustainable economic growth.

During the past year, the transport sector secured $1.8bn development finance, Al-Mashat revealed.

The Minister of International Cooperation noted that projects in the transport sector drive economic growth, increase productivity, and provide the necessary infrastructure to increase private sector investments and develop citizens’ lives.

The Minister of International Cooperation praised the development partnership between Egypt and the funding bodies for the third phase of the metro line, namely the European Union and the European Investment Bank, as well as the French Development Agency, which reflects the strength of the relationship and its role in integration with the state’s efforts to achieve development, noting that joint relations supported Development efforts in many sectors, including health, education, agriculture, small projects, environment, transportation, water treatment, health, social protection, and other sectors that represent a priority for the state.

For his part, Timmermans commented, “The future can be green. Through the partnership between Egypt and the European Union, we will work to achieve a sustainable and prosperous future for the citizens of Egypt and the European Union.”

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