Interior Ministry says it foiled plot to revive MB ‘terrorist’ activities in Egypt

Daily News Egypt
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Egyptian authorities say they blocked Muslim Brotherhood (MB) financing scheme

Egypt’s Ministry of Interior said it has foiled a plot aimed at financing the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

In a Thursday press statement, the ministry said that the plot is linked to the imprisoned founder and former chairperson of dairy and juice firm Juhayna, Safwan Thabet.

The statement added that the National Security Agency investigations revealed that MB member Yehia Mahran Othman played a prominent role in the plot by being one of the main arms of Thabet.

The plot intended to funnel funds using Thabet’s companies into “terrorist activities”, according to the statement.

The ministry revealed that $8.4m in cash and ammunition had been found in an apartment in Giza, across the Nile from central Cairo.

The statement described Thabet as a “Brotherhood leader”. Thabet was arrested in December, and his son Seifeldin was detained in February after taking over as chairperson.

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