Uber raises fairs in Cairo and Alexandria after fuel price increase

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
2 Min Read

Uber Egypt for smart transportation has notified its customers of an increase in the prices of some individual transportation services in Cairo and Alexandria due to the increase in gasoline prices.

In Alexandria, the prices of the Uber X service increased to EGP 8 up from EGP 7.25 as base fair and EGP 2.90 per km up from EGP 2.60. The minimum fair is set to EGP 11 up from EGP 10.

In Cairo, Uber raised Uber X price to EGP 8 as base fair from EGP 7.5 and EGP 3.05 per km up from EGP 2.85. Waiting price has become EGP 0.45/minute up from EGP 0.42/minute, while the minimum fair was increased to EGP 13 from EGP 12.

The Comfort service also saw its base fair increase from EGP 11 to EGP 11.80, while distance fair was set to EGP 4.30 up from EGP 4, waiting to EGP 0.67 up from EGP 0.64, for the minimum fair to become EGP 18 from EGP 17.

The Committee for the Automatic Pricing of Petroleum Products decided last July to increase the prices of gasoline of all kinds by EGP 0.25, and to fix the price of diesel, in the periodic review of fuel prices.

The committee set the new fuel prices as follows:

EGP 6.75 per litre of octane 80 petrol

EGP 8 per litre of octane 92 petrol

EGP 9 per litre of octane 95 petrol

EGP 6.75 per litre of diesel

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