EBI, Mercer Mettl cooperate to provide MPaaS auto-proctoring system

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The Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI), the training arm of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), has announced it has signed a cooperation agreement with Mercer Mettl to provide the MPaaS auto-proctoring system.

The agreement authorised EBI to provide the MPaaS system for EBI’s candidates and trainees in the Egyptian banking sector. This will allow them to conduct secure online exams anytime and anywhere, using credible anti-cheating technology and robust security features.

The MPaaS system offered by Mercer Mettl provides a cloud-based proctoring service which relies heavily on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and it is one of the best systems currently used in this field. 

This service offers new methodologies in executing the assessment projects, which allows the EBI to extend inside and outside Egypt through its online assessments.

These high quality assessments are conducted at an efficient cost, giving the chance to execute multiple projects at the same time delivered in a quality that meets the international standards for performing tests remotely.

Abdel Aziz Nossier, Executive Director of the EBI, said, “At the EBI, we are proud to provide a leading end-to-end unified online assessment platform such as Mercer Mettl which gives us the opportunity to offer the technology of MPaaS System, allowing us to secure test-takers exam environment.” 

“In addition, finalising the cooperation agreement with Mercer Mettl took months to ensure that that the provision of the MPaaS system within the EBI’s Learning Management System (LMS) is effectively put into action,” he added, “At the EBI, we are fully aware of the need for digital transformation, especially after the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic which affected the whole world and forced a lot of countries to close borders to contain the virus spread.” 

He said that, through this period, the EBI was ready with a set of high-tech solutions to offer training and assessments remotely.

Ahmed Eid, Head of the Assessment Department at EBI, said that the MPaaS system is one of the most famous cloud-based proctoring systems.

It allows the implementers to verify the identity of the participants before starting the assessment making sure that they follow the assessment’s instructions and there are no attempts to cheat or to copy the assessment content. 

The MPaaS System secures a video report on the candidate’s performance highlighting any breaches or trials to cheat. Once the candidate starts the assessment remotely, he will not be able to open any window other than the assessment window until he finishes. 

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