Trade Minister discusses industrial development in craft area affiliated with Urban Development Fund in Manshiyat Naser

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Minister of Trade and Industry, Ahmed Samir, recently met with Khalid Sadek, Chairperson of the Urban Development Fund, to discuss collaboration between the ministry and the fund in supporting the craft area associated with the Urban Development Fund in Manshiyat Naser.

During the meeting, Minister Samir highlighted that the fund has established a craft area covering 60 feddan (approximately 25 hectares) in Manshiyat Naser. This area comprises 905 workshops of varying sizes, ranging from approximately 20 square meters to 160 square meters. Additionally, the craft area includes a vocational school for worker training, a commercial promenade for marketing local products, and an industrial development centre—all of which contribute to the region’s supply chains.

Samir emphasized that a committee from the Ministry of Trade and Industry will inspect the area next week. The goal is to assess its needs for technical support and consultations, ensuring alignment with industrial and environmental standards. The workshops will be distributed and classified strategically to achieve the desired developmental objectives while serving both the craft area and its surrounding regions.

The Minister also discussed the potential for the Industry Renewal Center to support recycling projects in the area, such as electricity generation or fertilizer manufacturing. Furthermore, labour-intensive crafts and industries could provide employment opportunities for young people from the neighbouring areas.

Connecting the craft area with nearby industrial zones is another priority. Integration between supplying industries, production requirements, and large industrial companies would enhance overall economic development.

In addition to this, the ministry will extend support to the Urban Development Fund by assisting with land plots owned by the fund in various governorates. The aim is to establish craft areas that serve these regions, with coordination from the Industrial Development Authority.

Khalid Sadek, President of the Urban Development Fund, emphasized ongoing coordination with the Agency for Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises Development. This collaboration aims to secure funding for the workshops operating within the craft area in Manshiyat Naser, ensuring the availability of necessary machinery and equipment.

Sadek further explained that the establishment of this craft area aligns with the fund’s efforts to develop Manshiyet Nasser. By highlighting its aesthetic aspects and restoring its architectural and urban character, the fund aims to achieve the desired industrial and developmental goals for the region. The collaboration with the Ministry and its affiliated agencies plays a crucial role in this endeavour.

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