Egypt prepares for launching its 1st mobile notary public

Alyaa Stohy
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Egypt’s Ministry of Planning and Economic Development has handed over 10 fully-equipped mobile technology service cars to the Ministry of Justice, represented by the Real Estate Registration and Notarization Authority.

The vehicles are equipped to work as mobile notary public, and can be operated in crowded places to support traditional offices. This is in addition to their being able to operate in remote areas where there are no offices available.

Hala El-Said, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, said that the handover came as part of the ministry’s efforts to develop services provided to citizens in cooperation with all ministries and authorities of the state. 

It follows on from the cooperation protocols signed with the Ministries of Justice, Communications and Information Technology, and Local Development.

These protocols include the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development providing vehicles equipped with the necessary devices to operate as mobile service centers. These would be able to operate as real estate registration and documentation offices and Citizen Service Centers in different places.

El-Said pointed to the application of quality standards within the mobile service centers which deal directly with the public. They would work in addition to following up and ensuring the sustainability of the operation of mobile technology centers that follow the latest technological means and secure communications.

The minister said that the goal of the citizen service cars is to increase the channels for providing services to citizens more conveniently and easily.

She stressed that one of the most important roles of the state is to reduce the burden on citizens and to provide services in the fastest and best way possible.

El-Said asserted that for the first time such cars are made available with these capabilities and equipment in Egypt. She noted the electronic payment process for the services provided, as the provision of various technological means and the citizens’ use of them represents an added value to the economy.

In the same context, the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development announced that on  15 April 2021, the Ministry of Local Development will deliver 12 mobile technology service cars.

They will be fully equipped to operate as mobile technology centers that provide all local services from licensing buildings, shops, advertisements, and occupations.

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