Egypt launches digital campaign engaging private sector in sustainable future

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Egypt’s Ministry of International Cooperation launched a global digital campaign, on Monday, aimed at demonstrating the value of public-private partnership and building towards the path for a greener economy. 

The #GameChangers campaign comes as part of the Ministry’s Global Partnerships Narrative (People & Projects & Purpose), and will feature several testimonials by the private sector. These include entrepreneurs, as well as micro, small, and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs), the dynamic force behind Egypt’s sustained economic growth. 

Minister of International Cooperation Rania Al-Mashat said, “The year 2021 is the year of private sector engagement. We have put private sector engagement, empowerment and enablement at the forefront of our principles of ‘Economic Diplomacy’.”

“This comes alongside concluding strategic partnerships to provide a sustainable ecosystem that fosters innovation, accelerates job creation and building back better,” Minister Al-Mashat added. 

The campaign series will run across social and digital channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, targeting national and global youth audiences. The series started on Monday with the story of the Ministry of International Cooperation’s partnership with the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) to finance IND for Construction and Solar Energy. 

The company is a private sector startup working in the construction of Egypt’s flagship renewable energy project, the Benban Solar Park in Aswan Governorate. 

The company has received development financing worth EGP 6.4m through the cooperation between the Ministry of International Cooperation and the SFD, with EFG Hermes as the financial intermediary. 

Egypt’s large ambition for a greener future is based on strong political commitment, as well as the capacity to unlock a green transformation in the country.  

In 2019, Egypt unveiled its flagship Benban Solar Park, the world’s largest solar installation. Spanning over 36 sqm of desert and 32 plots developed by over 40 companies from 12 countries, it will generate over 1,500mW of power. 

“Egypt is on a mission not only to “think green” but also “act green in all policies and projects, to help preserve the environment and bring sustainable energy to the country’s population”, Minister Al-Mashat said. 

The Benban Solar Park is also so large it is visible from space, and represents the biggest signal yet of Egypt’s commitment to clean, sustainable energy. It is also testament to the power of partnership between the public and private sectors.

“We are proud to be part of Egypt’s Sustainable Development Framework,” said IND CEO Ibrahim Zaher of the Benban Solar Park.   

Zaher said that his company has become involved in Egypt’s efforts to develop the renewable energy sector. He said that, while the company was established in 2009 as a construction corporation, it then ventured into the solar energy business in 2014.

The shift occurred when the Egyptian Government issued the Renewable Energy Law (Decree Law 203/2014) to support the private sector, and encourage its engagement in the country’s green transformation strategy. This would ensure the production of electricity from renewable energy sources.

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