Demand for TVs high in 2020 due to COVID-19: Samsung

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
2 Min Read

Samsung has revealed that the demand for TVs rose significantly, during 2020, due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as users around the world resorted to domestic alternatives to outdoor activities.

This came on the back of lockdowns applied the world over and other such precautionary measures introduced to curb the pandemic’s spread.

The global technology manufactured announced it will end the year with a whopping 44.1% market share of the global large screen TV market.

The line-up provided by Samsung ensures new ways of integrating screens as part of the stay-at-home experience, including their top seller, the Frame, which has sold over 1 million since its launch in 2017.

Another popular Samsung product, GEN Z’s favourite, is the Sero, which allows its users to enjoy 360° of full screen entertainment through impressive QLED picture quality.

Through these new designs, the brand has successfully topped the TV sales charts with interesting new offerings that were seen as distinctive and original by both their existing and new customers.

The year 2020 also witnessed the brand introducing the first-ever commercial MicroLED displays. Unlike the more expensive OLED TV technology, MicroLED’s technology provides the same significant experience at lower cost, allowing Samsung to create even bigger screens than before.

According to figures released by market research organisation Omdia, in November, Samsung saw a growth of 22% over 2020, reaching an average of $9.3bn in TV sales in the third quarter (Q3) of 2020, with an estimated 33.1% market share at the time.

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