Green technology virtual expo Ecomondo 2020 comes to an end

Mohamed Farag
3 Min Read

The 2020 digital edition of the Ecomondo exhibition, organised by the Italian Exhibitions Group (IEG), has closed after two weeks of seminars and workshops totalling 500 hours, and attended by 33,897 people.

There were 400 active companies out of a total of 735 on the platform, and over 5,000 business opportunities were generated during the activities.

The loyalty evidenced by the exhibitors launches the expos towards the eagerly awaited live edition in 2021, with an extra instrument. In fact, IEG will reactivate the digital platform on the occasion of the most significant national and international appointments with the Green community.

“It is necessary to familiarise ourselves with digital platforms,” said Giacomo Milani, of the Sales Office at Scolari, which specialises in plants for drying industrial and agricultural waste.

He added, “It is also important after the emergency caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, as they will also be used for business in the future.”

“For a company such as ours, which sells services, not products, Ecomondo is a fundamental event for client relations,” said Maurizio Giani, Marketing Manager at Herambiente, “On the calendar, the expos are held in a favourable moment for bringing together the market’s supply and demand. We hope that next year we will participate in the exhibition and that the coronavirus pandemic will have ended.”

Giani added that regulations, consultation, logistic organisation, transport, certification, waste traceability, type-testing procedure, and expertise in waste treatment and disposal are complicated aspects that are part of the ‘story’ tailor-made for the company’s clients.

These are normally presented at live, in-person events, along with initiatives such as the artistic projects animating Herambiente’s stand.

Andrea Di Stefano, Head of Special Projects at Novamont, said, “We hope that the experimentation launched with the full-digital version of Ecomondo can become structural, smoothly integrating with the live expos with a specific long-term program able to attract its own specific public via the social networks.”

He also said that, in order to pursue this shared objective, it is indispensable to boost this open flexible platform, which can also attract institutional stakeholders.

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