Cairo, Helwan Fine Arts Colleges help develop Manial’s historic Al-Mansterly Bridge

Bassant Mohammed
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The Fine Arts Colleges at Cairo and Helwan Universities held an art workshop at the Al-Manasterly Bridge, in which students and professors of Fine Arts participated to develop the historic monument.

The workshop was moderated by the Egyptian artist Taher Abdel-Azim, under the supervision of the Dean of Helwan Fine Arts College.

Jehan Abdel Moneim, Deputy Governor of Cairo for the Southern Region, witnessed the renovation initiative, which is the first time for the Cairo governorate and Helwan University to cooperate.

During her visit, she toured the Umm Kulthum Museum, and monitored the road leading to the palace from the Al-Manasterly Bridge. Abdel Moneim noted that all development work has been completed.

The workshop reviewed the development, beautification, and practical use of the scenery surrounding the Al-Manasterly Bridge, where members of the Fine Arts Colleges executed paintings of the bridge.

The Al-Manasterly Bridge is located between the Umm Kulthum Museum, which was formerly known as the Manasterly Palace, and the ancient Nilometer.

The palace, which was designed and decorated in a distinctive manner, was built at Roda Island by Hassan Fouad Pasha Al-Manasterly, Governor of Cairo in the 19th Century. The wooden pedestrian bridge was built to connect the Island with Cairo.

A statue of the engineer Ahmed Al-Farghani, who established the Nilometer, was built in the middle of a garden in front of the bridge.

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