SOKNA launches first ever funeral services in Egypt

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For the first time in Egypt, SOKNA has launched end-to-end funeral services with a mission to provide families with professional expertise, to take care of all logistics during the difficult moments of losing a loved one.

The company, whose name is the Arabic for “calmness” or “tranquillity”, is set to transform how funerary services are offered in Egypt. It professionally handles the full array of funerary services from end-to-end, including: support in releasing the burial permit and paperwork; preparation of the body; cemetery set-up; transportation; hall and condolences service bookings; obituaries; personalised sadaqa giveaways; and post-loss support.

“People who are suffering from loss should have the opportunity to grieve without being consumed by physical, administrative, and logistical requirements,” said Ahmed Gaballah, SOKNA’s Founder and CEO. “That’s why we established SOKNA, to allow people to focus on the farewell instead of the paperwork, and to honour departing souls and their families by partially alleviating the logistical pain of those moments.” 

Since 2013, SOKNA’s founder has been researching how to optimise the funeral process through extensive and in-depth, on-the-ground experience and research, locally and internationally.

The company has now completed over 340 funerals and burials since it began operations in March 2019, and has signed protocols of collaboration with 10 Egyptian private hospitals. SOKNA employs morticians with a minimum of 15 years experience to pass on their knowledge, expertise, and professionalism to others.

“The departure of a loved one in Egypt is usually so much more difficult than it should be due to all the details and procedures, so it is hard to grieve at your own pace,” said Ahmed Zahran, who has used SOKNA’s services. “SOKNA changed all that, and I am forever grateful to their team for making a massive difference during a very difficult time.”

The company also offers free consultation services for those who want to plan ahead on how to best honour their loved ones when the moment comes. Operations at the moment are for processes that begin and/or end in Cairo, with expansion plans for other governorates on the radar.

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