Thai Embassy in Cairo organises Halal Food Festival’

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Thailand’s Embassy in Cairo hosted the Thai Halal Food Festival between 27 and 30 August at the LuLu Hypermarket in New Cairo.

The festival presented various halal food products from Thailand, as well as cooking demonstrations of traditional food in the country, alongside food tasting events. The event also presented the authentic cuisine of the country from Thai restaurants present in Cairo.

If a product is granted halal certification, it means that it is permissible or acceptable in accordance with the Islamic Sharia law. In order for products to receive this certification, they must be verified as coming from a permissible source, such as a cow or chicken which must be slaughtered according to religious rules.

Thailand possesses the fine standards and inherent capability in producing halal products and services that are accepted worldwide. The festival comes as a part of Thailand’s National Strategy to support and develop the business potential of halal products.

Moreover, the Thai embassy’s Office of Commercial Affairs aims to promote halal products and services, in order to increase the country’s food exports, and expand to new international markets.

Thai halal standards are certified by the Central Islamic Council of Thailand, a longstanding internationally recognised institute. Halal certification has been sought for more than 150,000 products in Thailand, while over 5,000 factories across the country have requested the requisite certification.

This is one of the reasons why consumers around the world are assured that the Thai Halal symbol exemplifies high quality production and stringent standards, as indicated by Islamic principles.

The halal food market constitutes about 19% of the global food market. To serve the larger markets, as well as meet the supply and demand chain, many companies are ensuring their products are halal certified.

The halal products market segment has experienced a rapid growth rate over the past few years, and is currently valued at approximately $2trn.

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