Parliament approves law on redrawing parliament electoral districts

Sarah El-Sheikh
2 Min Read

Egypt’s House of Representatives approved, on Tuesday, a new law that will see the country’s parliamentary electoral districts redrawn.

The draft law was approved by a two-thirds majority of parliament members that will see Egypt divided into 143 electoral districts devoted to the individual system elections, while the list system will be held in four electoral districts.

The draft law was placed at the top of the parliament’s agenda on Monday, and was submitted by Abdel Hadi Al-Qasabi, head of the Support Egypt Coalition, and 60 other members of parliament. It was taken to the House of Representatives for discussions after its approval by the constitutional and legislative affairs committee on Sunday.

A total of 143 districts will be created to elect 284 MPs via the individual candidacy system, while the country will be divided into four electoral districts to elect MPs through the closed list system.

The law is the last of five laws that aim to pave the way for Egypt’s parliamentary elections to be held next November.

The law comes in line with Egypt’s Constitution, and stipulates that 25% of seats be allocated to women representatives. The President of the Republic will be empowered by the Constitution to name 28 parliament members, representing 5% of the total.

This will bring Egypt’s upcoming parliament to a total of 596 seats, with the division guaranteeing equality, legality, and fairness.

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