Tahya Misr Fund sends medical conveys to 550,000 of neediest families

Sarah El-Sheikh
2 Min Read

Three large medical convoys have been sent to 550,000 of the neediest families in Egypt, according to Mohamed Mokhtar, a spokesman for the Tahya Misr Fund, in a press statement on Saturday.

He said that the fund initially provided aid in four governorates including Assiut, Sohag and Damietta, before sending aid to a further 22 governorates. Work is currently being carried out to reach more of the neediest families in the remaining governorates.

Mokhtar added that convoys had been sent to the families based on research proving their need for the aid.

He also said that the fund’s basic premise has been to find an entity that helps state agencies under normal circumstances in various areas of development, or times of crisis and disaster.

The fund aims to work along two routes; the first is providing support to the medical sector by communicating with the Ministry of Health. Healthcare workers will be provided with 1,000 injection pumps for critical care cases, 200 industrial respirators, 100,000 face masks, and sterilisation gates for crowded areas at government offices.

The second route is to provide support to some of the affected groups, such as irregular workers, through intensifying efforts to provide support in these areas. The support has come through the Ministry of Social Solidarity, with the added support of statistics from the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), and communication with civil society organisations.

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