Egypt tops list of patents granted in 2019

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The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) said that approximately 2,183 applications to obtain patents were filed with the Egyptian Patent Office in 2019.

Of this figure, 47%, or 1,027 applications, were submitted by Egyptians, with 1,156 applications, representing 53% of the total, submitted by foreigners.

In a statement on Sunday, CAPMAS said that the Egyptian Patent Office granted 750 patents in 2019. Of this, 175 patents were granted to Egyptians, representing 23.3% of the total, and 575 patents for foreigners, representing 76.7% of the total.

According to the agency, 22.3% of the total patents granted in 2019, or 167 patents, were granted according to the international classification in chemistry and metals. Of this number, 33.5% were granted to Egyptians, and 66.5% to foreigners.

A total of 147 patents were granted in the field of human needs, or 19.6% of the total number of patents granted in 2019. Of this figure, 27.2% were granted to Egyptians, and 72.8% were granted to foreigners.

A total of 106 patents granted in the formation and transportation operations sector, or 14.1% of the total. Of this, 11.3% were granted to Egyptians, and 88.7% were granted to foreigners.

Egypt ranked first worldwide in the number of patents granted, with the Egyptian Patent Office’s granting of 175 patents to Egyptian nationals representing 23.3% of the world total. This was followed by the 157 patents granted in the US which represented 20.9%, followed by Germany with a total of 54 patents at 7.2% of the total patents granted in 2019.

CAPMAS pointed out that Egypt’s total number of applications submitted to the Egyptian Trademark Office amounted to 17,760 applications in 2019.

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