Border Guards destroy 10 tunnels, seize 318 rifles in North Sinai

Daily News Egypt
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Egyptian Border Guard Forces have discovered and destroyed 10 tunnel openings in North Sinai, and seized 318 rifles in the region, military spokesperson Tamer El-Refaie announced on Tuesday.

El-Refaie said border forces continue to direct their efforts in vigorous attacks against criminal elements and smugglers that aim at harming Egyptian national security. He added that the 318 rifles seized by the Armed Forces comprised of 7 sniper rifles, 6 automatic rifles, 2 machine guns, and 3 9mm pistols, and 300 cartridges guns. In addition, the forces found 300 bullets with different calibres.

The forces also confiscated 4,500kg of hashish (cannabis) 3.5m narcotic pills, in addition to 54,000kg of bango and 46kg of opium, the statement added.

The Armed Forces have conducted patrols to detect and eliminate narcotic crops, which resulted in 100 narcotic bango plantations in South Sinai being destroyed. An additional 866 opium poppy plantations were destroyed as part of the operation. A total of 2,434kg of bango and cannabis banjo seeds were seized, and 9 factories producing hashish closed down.

The campaigns also resulted in the discovery of 880 vehicle-tracking devices used by criminal elements, 56 mineral detectors, 71,000kg of stones mixed with gold ore and 77kg of silver jewellery.

The Border Guard Forces succeeded in arresting 300 smugglers and outlaws, whilst also putting an end to 4,710 people of different nationalities’ attempts to illegally cross borders. All legal measures have been taken.

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