Fiat Chrysler opens more showrooms, service centres soon

Zamzam Mostafa
2 Min Read

Marketing Director of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in Egypt Ahmed Labib said that the government’s car manufacturing strategy, which it is currently working on, must meet the needs of manufacturers.

By giving several incentives that incentivises car manufacture -most notably the abolition of customs expenses on components and parts imported from abroad- local investors can continue to compete with imported cars, he added.

Labib stressed the need to provide the infrastructure for electric vehicles before starting its production  in Egypt.

In a separate context, Labib pointed to the increase in sales of Fiat Chrysler last year in Egypt, achieving 5,000 cars compared to 2017 when it achieved only 1,200 ones.

Labib pointed to Fiat’s endeavour to establish many exhibitions and after-sale service centres to meet the needs of customers in all aspects of the capital.

He said that the company is in the process of launching promotional campaigns on spare parts prices to reassure its future customers, and to ensure that their prices are affordable to customers of that category and even cheaper than the prices of spare parts for competing models with a large difference.

Labib pointed to the stability of car prices in the coming period, pointing out that the drop in dollar prices is not immediately reflected in the car price drop.

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