Uber pledges to its customers to comply with ECA regulations

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
2 Min Read

Uber said in an email to all of its customers that it is committed to all the “obligations and controls” it agreed to before the Egyptian Competition Authority (ECA), while completing its acquisition over Careem.

According to the company’s email and the statement issued by the ECA last Friday, Uber has made several commitments that include innovation, quality of services, local presence, separation of brands, data availability, lack of exclusivity on partners, and restrictions on pricing.

The company sent a full copy of the obligations and controls it pledged to the ECA to all its customers, allowing them to read the fine print.

The move came in implementation of Resolution No. 45 of 2019, issued by the ECA regarding the acquisition of Uber Technologies over Careem, in which the two companies are bound by a set of obligations and controls that the parties undertook before completing the deal.

The ECA had issued some obligations and controls to complete the deal, which included ensuring the competitive environment in the local market, preserve the rights of users, including passengers, drivers, and owners of small and medium-sized companies, and enhance the expansion opportunities for current and potential investments.

The ECA also obligated both parties to a commitment to innovation and high-quality service, offering new services, giving the right to obtain databases to work in the market, and obliging the two companies not to link each other’s’ services in an exclusionary manner.

The ECA had also obligated the two companies to amend the Careem brand in Egypt to clarify that Uber and Careem are under the same umbrella to increase transparency.

Uber said in its email to customers, “It strongly believes that the acquisition will provide more opportunities for expansion, and increase the diversity and reliability of the services we provide through our electronic applications.”

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