Government sets regulations for electric car system before end of 2020

Mohamed Farag
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The government plans to set rules and regulations for the electric vehicle system before the end of 2020.

Governmental sources told Daily News Egypt that the electricity consumption tariff used in the charging of electric cars and the distribution of charging stations throughout Egypt are being studied so that the system can be applied at the end of this year.

The sources said that some charging stations are selling energy at EGP 1.4-1.45 per kW/h, which is the highest value paid by consumers of more than 1,000 kW/h, expecting it to be changed after the new regulations are set.

The sources added that there are some companies that offer free charging for electric cars until the tariff and rules are issued, including Infinity E, which concluded an agreement with Chill Out gas station to provide 15 units of fast and slow charging.

The sources pointed out that although the company pays for space and the energy used, it is still awaiting the approval of the tariff and the rules governing this. This is similar to the situation of Revolta, which began a while ago to provide free charging.

The sources said that the government is seeking to reach the best decision regarding electric cars, including ways to manufacture cars locally as well as charging stations, especially as they will achieve a great benefit for Egypt by providing job opportunities and operating Egyptian factories, and putting Egypt on the global investment map for engineering and technological industries.

The sources said that the Ministry of Military Production in cooperation with the ministries of Industry and Trade and Public Enterprises are still in the stage of discussions and receiving proposals to reach the best decision and an executive formula, especially since the role of the Ministry of Electricity will be limited to delivering the necessary electricity to the charging stations, the infrastructure, and the tariff.

Daily News Egypt learned that the state aims to provide units for charging electric cars in all gas stations as well as in some companies affiliated to the ministries and plans to implement these steps in stages, starting in the last quarter of this year.

Last week saw a meeting between the Ministers of Military Production, Electricity, Public Enterprises, Industry and Trade to follow up on what was accomplished regarding decisions issued by the Council of Ministers related to the localisation programme for the electric car industry (buses – passenger cars – Taxis) within the framework of the national strategy for the auto industry in Egypt.

The meeting included a review of the features of the proposed strategy that comes as a national programme to deepen and stimulate the electric vehicle industry and feeder industries in Egypt and possible mechanisms to support local manufacturing in the light of studies and information provided by each of the concerned authorities.

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