Gas production of Shell’s Burullus and Rashid fields up to 440m scf/day

Mohamed Adel
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The production of Dutch Shell’s Burullus and Rashid gas fields in the deep waters of the Mediterranean Sea increased to 440m cubic feet per day (scf/day), compared to 300m scf/day in the first quarter of this fiscal year 2019/20.

A source in the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) said that linking 80m scf/day from the third well of Phase 9B in Burullus field has been completed to compensate for the natural decline of the field.

He natural decline in the productivity of the Burullus and Rashid fields is about 10m scf/month, as a result of the aging of wells in the previous stages of the project.

The source added that the maximum production rate for one well in Phase 9B is 100m scf/day, which contributes to increasing production and compensating for the natural decline.

He said the project includes eight production wells and two exploration wells, and the second phase of 9B’s production will be linked during the next fiscal year.

He pointed out that the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) purchase the gas produced from Shell’s share in 9B in Burullus fields for about $1.3 per one million British Thermal Units.

Shell allocated about $500m in investments during FY 2019/20, to implement several projects including 9B and a pipeline to connect West Delta gas fields.

The proven reserves of Burullus fields in all its stages and fields are estimated at 5trn scf and about 55m barrels of condensate.

The Ministry of Petroleum is targeting to increase the productivity of existing gas fields and accelerate the work in uncompleted projects to put them on the production map.

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