Misk Media Forum: connecting digital, traditional media means

Sarah El-Sheikh
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The Misk Media Forum kicked off on Saturday in Cairo, under the theme “Smart Transformations in the Media Industry,” with the participation of 29 speakers from 12 countries, organised by Mohammed Bin Salman Foundation’s Misk Initiatives Center.

The one-day forum featured eight sessions and 10 workshops, raising awareness among media workers on how digital media can serve individuals and communities explore job opportunities for young people in all fields of media, accelerate the transfer of advanced media skills and technologies to Arab youth, and contribute to enabling leadership in the region.

It also tackled ways of creating media content and allowing fruitful communication between interested young people and media leaders.

The Director of the Misk Media Forum, Ohood Al-Arfaj, said that the forum seeks to give the opportunity for Arab youth to meet with Arab media pioneers and interact with them to benefit from their experiences in dealing with the digital media through sessions and workshops.


The main focus of the forum is how youth can keep up with developments and media solutions influencing industry to be used in the development and prosperity of Arab societies, she said.


Saturday’s forum was the second as it was first held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia last year. Saudi media companies and workers attended Saturday’s version in Cairo.

Digital media companies from Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia presented in the forum to introduce their services. Among them was Iqraaly, an Egyptian startup, offering an application for audio services of different publications including books, articles, and news.

Another Saudi Startup named xAMBER was presented. It is an online platform to analyse social media movements represented in number of sharers, comments, and likes.

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