Healys expands in Egypt as its first branch in Middle East

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Omar Shams, a partner in Healys law firm, said they preferred to enter the Middle East market through establishing its first branch in Egypt.

Healys has several branches in different countries, such as Italy, Cyprus, Brazil and Pakistan, besides the main headquarters in England, he added.

“Healys provides its services in 15 countries around the world and it preferred Egypt as its first branch in the Middle East because of its security and political stability and the huge economic growth in the scale of investment and the establishment of new companies,” Shams said.

The company’s preference to expand in Egypt reflects the strength and attractiveness of the market.

In Egypt, Healys provides legal services with a high-level experience and world-class quality at competitive prices. Moreover, it uses international expertise in all legal cases and files.

Healys was able in a short time to conclude agreements with many clients in Egypt as a result of the widespread demand for legal services, he added.

Shams explained that Healys provides all legal services and consultations starting from migration procedures, wealth management, and all related to the establishment of companies. It is also specialised in restructuring and preparation of regulations, recommendations of ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies of companies, internal management services, writing and discussing contracts, and procedures for liquidation of companies.

Healys is capable of completing the procedures of establishing new companies as soon as possible, not to exceed two days, and preparing the commercial and insurance register, etc. The office also has a special section composed of 10 people on civil cases, and provides recruitment services for lawyers at companies if they wish to recruit them,” he added.

He indicated that the provision of legal services to all business and financial sectors, including banks, financial institutions, construction companies, publicity, hotels, insurance, real estate, etc. in addition to services concerning  international contracts for Franchise.

He noted that Healys also provides services concerning legal research and counselling to clients who are interested in setting up economic activities, and provides a partner, if desired.

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