NSPO signs contract with petroleum sector to offer natural gas refuelling services

Mohamed Adel
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The National Service Products Organization (NSPO) has signed an agreement with the petroleum sector to add fuel supply and conversion activities to be among those of the stations of the National Company for petroleum (NPCO), which is a subsidiary of NSPO.

The agreement stipulates the introduction of natural gas refuelling and car engines conversion to hybrid fuel system (natural gas and petrol) in  stations of the company spread throughout the country, through the two companies specialized in this activity, which are the Egyptian international gas technology company (Gastec) and Natural Gas Vehicles Company (Car Gas).

The plan includes establishing 54 natural gas refuelling in 15 governorates, including several car conversion centres, the first phase to include 30 stations, and 24 stations as a second phase. It is intended to take the number of new stations to 350 in six years after completing the study and selection of appropriate locations.

The agreement was signed by NPCO head Mohsen El Mahallawy, and Osama El Baqly, Chairman of EGAS, Osama El Bakly, and Abdelfattah Farahat. Gastec chairperson and managing director, in addition to Hisham El Safty, the chairperson of Car Gas.

Following the signing, Minister of Petroleum Tarek El-Molla stressed the importance of this agreement, to convert mass transport vehicles to operate with hybrid fuel system (natural gas and petrol).

He pointed out that this agreement leads to an increase in the number of stations that provide these services, keep pace with the increase in the recent demand in-car natural gas conversion, due to it’s lower cost and higher quality.

El Molla pointed out that the ministry is working according to an integrated plan to increase the number of converted cars to 50,000 during the current fiscal year 2019/20.

He added that the network of stations, which currently includes 187 stations and 72 conversion centres, is currently being expanded nationwide.

For his part, El Mahallawy stressed the keenness of NSPO on contributing to the state’s trend and the government’s programme to expand the use of natural gas as fuel for cars.

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