Egypt likely to supply 50% of its plastics demand from local production

Hagar Omran
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The Head of the Chemicals and Fertilisers Export Council (CEC), Khaled Abo Al-Makarem, expected that Egypt will be able to supply 50% of its plastics demand through local production over the next four years, due to the new gas excavations, explaining that local production currently supplies only 30% of the country’s plastics needs, while the remaining 70% are imported from other countries.

“There is about 10% increase in the plastics demand annually. Plastics are essential for many other industries. The sector attracts $7.2bn in investments through 4,890 factories with production capacity of about $198bn and 524,000 employees,” Abo Al-Makarem mentioned during an event organised by the German Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GCIC) on Wednesday to promote K Düsseldorf plastics trade fair.

Egypt’s plastics exports recorded $1.6bn over 2018, he noted, revealing, “Egypt is ranked 44th among the world’s plastics exporters. We aim to boost this position further. Turkey is the first market for our plastics exports, while Germany is in the 10th place.”

Egypt is looking forward to boosting collaboration with Germany, he noted, asserting that about 12 Egyptian companies are participating in Düsseldorf trade fair in October on a land area of 200 metres.

The K Düsseldorf trade fair is the world’s largest trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry. It gathers the most important supplier of plastics and rubber machinery, raw, and auxiliary materials, semi-finished products, technical parts, and reinforced plastic products under one roof.

“We await the K Düsseldorf trade fair, it is a good opportunity to promote our products and seek new contracts,” Abo Al-Makarem mentioned.

The fair is a good platform to showcase products and innovations and to make business contacts which will take place from 16 to 23 October.

Ayman Nafea, deputy chairperson of the GACIC, said that plastics are essential for many purposes, including keeping the food fresh, manufacturing bottles, energy products, and medical supplies that safe lives of the world.

“Plastics companies want to ensure that they produce the best products as the demand continues to grow while they are facing the pressure of waste recycling. No one wants to see plastics on the rivers and oceans. We have to recycle the plastics in a good manner, and everyone has a role to play,” he affirmed.

The GACIC supports the management of plastics waste in Egypt, he asserted, noting that joint collaboration with several stakeholders is critical.

Chairperson of the Chamber of Chemical Industries at the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI), Sherif ElGabaly, called on the government to boost its attention for chemicals and plastics through providing the industries with the needed natural gas resources instead of directing them to electricity.

“There is no development in Egypt without promoting industries. There is a great potential in the field of tires manufacturing in Egypt,” he said, adding that the government should promote the role of the private sector in the industrial fields.

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