School of the big city: electronic learning system, diagnostics in VR

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“School is an absolutely open system, open to parents, teachers, organisations from the outside. Schools initiate collaborations with businesses, scientific, and cultural institutions, urban projects. Moscow is a big city for education,” said Pavel Kuzmin, firector of the Moscow Center for Quality of Education and programme director of the “City for Education” forum.

It is the time when the school and the teacher have to motivate the student to learn.

In the era of the digital economy, education around the world rushes online, classroom electronic boards compete with a phone screen.

How can advanced technologies be integrated into the education system?

In Moscow, schools have created an infrastructure for knowledge acquisition and assimilation: Moscow Electronic School, diagnostics in VR, online service for self-training “My achievements” as well as vocational classes.

In 2018, Moscow was the first one in the world to launch the knowledge diagnostics in virtual reality.

The student does not take it as a test, that is unique in this format, it’s more about additional motivation and interest to the school subject.

The project stimulates research skills, what is especially important in the natural sciences – chemistry, physics, and biology. The interactivity boosts an experimental spirit in school children.

The VR laboratory is absolutely mobile. It looks like fully equipped bus that requires WI-FI connection. Every school can send a request to pass the diagnostics in VR.

Moscow Electronic School is a unique and unified system for all parts of the educational process, a single electronic journal for teachers, students, and parents, a huge amount of content that teachers create by themselves: electronic lesson scenarios that any teacher can use absolutely for free.

The project was presented at several international exhibitions and forums: “City for Education” forum in Moscow and Bett Show 2018 in London and the UAE at the international exhibition AKDAR.

This is a real discovery for international colleagues. There is no such analogue on the international market, especially in such a scale. There are many resources for teachers abroad, but they are mostly paid. A unified system for all teachers, students, and parents created in Moscow is absolutely unique development.

Vocational classes in schools are equipped no worse than leading enterprises and universities. Very few institutions can boast of such a set of equipment that was confirmed by international colleagues from Europe, who were visiting Moscow schools.

International colleagues also express interest in the issue of school financing, and an open procedure for certification of directors.

Every each student or teacher has an opportunity to check his or her level of knowledge on any subject at any time for free, and also to undergo the diagnostics in international studies like PISA and PEARLS even from a telephone, these are possibilities that an online service of self-preparation and self-test My Achievements gives.

The service has more than 200,000 users, more than 750 testing options are available, as well as up-to-date final attestation tasks versions, which allows students to estimate their knowledges. 

The city as a space creates an ecosystem for people’s education, especially school kids and their parents. The project “Saturdays for schoolkids” suggests children to attend various lectures, master classes, and trainings at the city venues. Everything is open, free, and available for the whole family.

All the advanced technologies of the Moscow education system were represented at the international forum “City for Education”, that had been gathering the best speakers from all over the world for two years. In 2018, it became the most visited educational forum in the world. The event visited more than 133,000 people within four days.

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