Al-Sisi emphasises judiciary independence, expressed appreciating to Egyptian judges

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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi late on Sunday met with the members of the Judicial Authorities Council including the minister of justice, the chiefs of the Supreme Constitutional Court, Cassation Court and public prosecutor, as well as others according to a presidency statement. 

During the meeting, Al-Sisi asserted that the independence of the judiciary is an essential pillar of the society’s structure and a stronghold of justice and the constitution. Al-Sisi also expressed his appreciation to the Egyptian judges.   

In a separate session, Al-Sisi met with the country’s Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly and Education Minister Tarek Shawki to discuss the recent updates concerning the national project to develop education in Egypt.

During the meeting, “Al-Sisi expressed his support for developing the educational system within the framework of the state’s strategy to invest in the capacities of the Egyptian people,” the statement read.

Al-Sisi added that “the aim of applying the new educational system is to teach students skills that would enable them to meet the requirements of the job market, by helping students to become creative, innovative, and up to date with the latest technologies and scientific developments.”

Al-Sisi also “stressed the importance of paying attention to sports and physical activity and organising competitions between schools to choose the best athlete,” the statement continued.

As for Shawki, he reviewed the executive steps to implement the new educational system, including the first primary stage and kindergarten. Shawki added that the curriculum and guides for teachers are already prepared.

Regarding the Japanese schools, Shawki revealed that their number reached 35 schools in 19 governorates, with nearly 13,000 students. He added that teachers are being trained by Japanese experts to qualify them for the educational process.

Meanwhile, the meeting reviewed “programmes and projects that are related to developing education such as training teachers, offering tablets, and providing interactive learning tools for the new high-school system,” the statement declared.

Establishing new schools, providing educational services to deprived areas, increasing the accommodation rate in kindergartens, and meeting an expected population increase, were also on the table of discussion according to the statement.

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