Symphony of Colour, Compassion: Wissam Fahmy’s latest art scene enriched portraits

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For five decades, veteran Egyptian artist Wissam Fahmy has been an ongoing source of enrichment to the artistic scene in Egypt with heart-touching gems that documented her journey in crossing the world since the 1960s. At the age of 79, the active artist still brings a new perspective of beauty to light through the paintings of her latest exhibitions, “Symphony of Colour & Compassion”.

With the attendance of Minister of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform, Hala Al-Saeed, the exhibition opened its doors to the public at the Salah Taher Ballroom in the Cairo Opera House.

Following the same path of Fahmy’s previous exhibitions, the profit of sold portraits are to be donated to Magdy Yaqoub’s Foundation, Aswan Heart’s Centre and Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim’s Urology, Nephrology International Mansoura Centre International Centre for Kidney Diseases and Research in Mansoura.

At the opening ceremony, Fahmy’s daughter, Rand Fouad, who is also an artist, asserted that the exhibition is a chronicle to the veteran artist’s long history.

“This is a tribute exhibition to a brilliant artist, yet it is also an event that paves the way to achieving sustainable development in Egypt,” she said, explaining, “the demonstration of this exhibition is the largest combined effort of private and public institutions as well as charitable organisations, in the arts.”

For a week, the exhibition will bring the world new abstract art portraits, with bright contrasting colours, spreading the vibes of warmth, sheer, and positivity.


Fahmy is a pioneer of modern Egyptian art, with paintings that explore various styles inspired by her travels across Egypt and around the world, from the 1960’s to date. The opening of the exhibition witnessed Fahmy’s signing of her book in which she documents her artistic journey, where she documented what she has seen in the world for decades.

She is considered one of the most influential female contemporary artists in Egypt in the 20th century who carved their names in the history of Egyptian art.

At the age of 17, Fahmy dropped out of high school to marry her sweet heart, life-time partner, architect Ezz Eldin Fouad. However, five years later, after giving birth to her second baby, she decided to peruse her passion and study arts at the Leonardo da Vinci Art Institute in Cairo, which later became the Faculty of Fine Arts.

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