US Embassy supports American photographers at Cairo Photo Week 2021

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US Embassy supports American photographers at Cairo Photo Week 2021

The US Embassy in Cairo is partnering with the photography hub, Photopia, to welcome three US photographers to Egypt for the second Cairo Photo Week, taking place from 11-20 March 2021. 

The diverse group of photographers includes: Maggie Steber, documentary photographer and one of National Geographic Magazine’s 2013 Women of Vision; Shamayim Shacaro, a fashion and beauty photographer; and Felix Kunz, a portrait expert. 

They will be joined virtually by two other award-winning photography experts from the US: Peter DiCampo, photojournalist and co-founder of The Everyday Projects non-profit; and Emma Raynes, from the Magnum Foundation. 

These experts will share their knowledge during the Cairo Photo Week’s workshops, master classes, and exhibitions, which are taking place in the historic downtown area of Cairo. 

The US Ambassador to Egypt Jonathan Cohen said, “Some of history’s most powerful stories have been told through photographs, and we are delighted to bring acclaimed American photographers to Egypt to share their expertise with counterparts from the Middle East and North Africa and continue the tradition of visual storytelling.” 

He added, “Our partnership with Photopia is part of the Embassy’s annual $500,000 contribution to arts organisations and institutions in Egypt, to promote cultural and artistic initiatives.” 

The US Embassy in Cairo’s participation at the Cairo Photo Week 2021 is part of its broader collaboration with Egyptian arts and culture organisations, and support of the country’s thriving creative economy. 

Most recently, the US Embassy partnered with the art consultancy platform, Art D’Egypte, to promote visual arts. It also is a long-time sponsor of US filmmakers at the Gouna International Film Festival (GIFF) and the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF). 

Building connections between artists in the two countries is just one way the US partners with the people of Egypt. Since 1978, the US has invested over $350m in scholarships and exchange opportunities, provided to more than 23,000 Egyptian and US students, as well as mid-career professionals.  

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