Meetings of 58th Egyptian-Sudanese committee for Nile waters kicks off in Khartoum

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The regular meeting of the permanent technical mutual committee for Nile waters kicked off on Friday in the Sudanese capital city Khartoum in its 58 round. Meetings of the committee address the needed projects for decreasing the loss in Nile waters and increasing the water of the Nile.

The discussions will be finalised on 18 September. The head of the Nile waters sector Ahmed Bahaa El-Din represents Egypt in the meetings while the head of the Sudanese Technical Agency For Water Resources Saifuddin Hamad represents Sudan.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources, the meetings of the committee address also the budget of the High Dam and the other dams in Sudan, as well as countering the Eichhornia.

Members of the committee will also discuss projects of the technical cooperation among the Nile River basin states, international relations of the Nile River Basin states, following the progress of measuring the level and drainage of the Nile, following the flood and forecasting arrangements, in addition to following the hydro-climatic forecasting stations in Egypt and Sudan to evaluate the amount of evaporation.  

Notably, the committee was established in 1960 to deepen the mutual technical work between Egypt and Sudan in order to benefit from the Nile waters.    

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