Two defrocked monks to stand trial on 23 September

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Church officials said they rejected security interference in construction permits and imposed restrictions on activities held by the church Mahmoud Nasr

The two monks accused of killing bishop Epiphanius of St Macarius Monastery will stand before court on 23 September, after the prosecution referred them to trial.

The two defendants, Father Philotheos of St Macarius Monastery and Monk Isaiah, are accused of killing bishop Epiphanius, after the first confessed that he committed the murder.

Father Philotheos reportedly attempted to commit suicide days after the incident took place.

St Macarius Monastery witnessed the death of bishop Epiphanius, who was found Sunday 29 July, with signs of beatings to the head.

Around 400 monks are being interrogated in the case.

Days after the death of Epiphanius, the Coptic Church announced it would stop accepting new monks for a year starting 1 August, in addition to other restrictive orders.

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