MCIT conducts survey on Egyptians’ usage of PCs, Internet in Q1 of 2018

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A recent report by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), showed that about 50% of Egyptian households used personal computers (PCs), while 44.3% of individuals used the internet and 90.7% used mobile phones, during the first quarter of the year.

According to the report, about 43.7% of Egyptians using PCs could move or copy files on their devices, while 29% could transfer files to other devices.

The report added that 24% of computer users in Egypt could find, download, and install applications on their devices, and 23% of users could connect and install new devices, such as printers and cameras, while 22.8% of Egyptians could send emails attached with files, images, or videos.

According to the report, only 10% of computer users could conduct mathematical formulas and equations on Excel, 6.3% were able to design and prepare presentations, and 3.7% of users know how to design programmes using the programming language.

In regard to internet users, the report revealed that 75.8% of Egyptian households have social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter.

The MCIT said 79% of households used the internet in sending information or emails, while 33.3% accessed the internet to get information on health services and 33.8% searched for goods and services. The report added that 30.8% of households used the internet to search for information from government agencies websites.

With regard to mobile phone users, the report noted that 88.6% of individuals used their mobile phones to conduct and receive calls, while 42.9% Egyptians used mobile phones to send and receive SMSs, and 12.2% benefited from 3G services from Facebook, Twitter, and games.

The report showed that 16.3% of mobile users sent and received images via their phones during the survey period, while 23.8% accessed the internet, and 13.5% used mobiles for entertainment.

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