Downtown Glam paves way to Royal Club Mohamed-Aly in sterling silver

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Home of many popular gatherings and events, the Royal Club Mohamed-Aly in downtown Cairo was once established to host the country’s most prominent personalities and their majestic guests. The exquisite venue is known for its grandeur and exceptional interior details. Despite the changes of time, the gracious building and its accompanying facilities is still synonym with substantial class.

Accessories designer, Deena Wagdy, has always been captivated by the royal monument like many others. For the new season she decided to reinterpret the venue using her trendy jewellery. The Downtown Glam collection is a contemporary artistic tribute to a long-gone ear of elegance and sophistication.

Wagdy, who often advocates strong and independent women, was inspired by the unmistakable intricate decorative details found around each corner at the royal gem, as well as the dazzling chandeliers that hangs firmly at the centre of each significant hall.

According to the designer, her elaborate source of inspiration delivered a neoclassic and baroque flare to her signature exotic and classically feminine designs. Meanwhile, she refused to give up on her client’s chosen modernity and firm believe in ultra-chic designs.

Utilizing 925 sterling silver in both gold and silver hues, Wagdy introduces a number of statement pieces that could stand alone or be stacked fashionably. Furthermore, the collection is also embellished with a variation of luminous coloured crystals and freshwater pearls. The laid-back collection aims to offer a diversity of everyday companions that resemble the fine details of a national treasure.

“Downtown Glam pays homage to the past, while constantly looking forward.” The designer added “the contemporary collection also features an eclectic array of stackable rings, chokers, necklaces, earrings and cuffs— all handcrafted.”

With that said, the collection’s main star is none other than the Glam Choker, which manifests the designer’s eye for meticulous cut-outs and adoration of baroque patterns implemented on sterling silver using dangling crystals—as Wagdy best describe it, it is a meeting between the classic femme fatale and Marie Antoinette.

Everything in this collection breathes grandeur and femininity. It is designed to appeal to strong and powerful women, who love to command attention,” concluded the designer.

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