Samsung prepares to manufacture 82-inch TVs in its Beni Suef plant in Egypt

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Head of the television sector at Samsung Egypt, Kassem Hassan, stated that the company is currently testing to manufacture 82-inch television screens, as well as conducting a series of studies on markets the company exports to, to see how the new screens will be received there.

Despite the relative decline in the purchasing power of the Egyptian consumer, Samsung is working to provide various products at different prices, in order to cover the needs of all consumer segments.

The company is expected to manufacture new screens with Full HD and UHD capabilities.

Samsung Electronics Egypt launched the QLED TVs on Wednesday.

The new TVs feature exceptional technological features to ensure superior picture quality, smart options, and unique design elements that let the TVs integrate seamlessly into home décor.

The company said in a statement that the new QLED features were made to meet client’s needs to receive the best quality and content sharing.

The new range of consumer TVs feature 100% colour depth, which improves contrast significantly.

Moreover, the wide range of brightness and contrast that characterizes the QHDR Elite with the support of +HDR10 ensures access to the highest levels of accuracy and colour enhancement and image detail. This technology can display the most accurate details.

Quote: 75-inch TVs were the largest to be produced in its factory in Egypt

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