Ethiopia, Eritrea end war after 20 years

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After 20 years of war, Ethiopia and Eritrea signed on Monday an agreement to end the war, allowing for the resumption of flights, diplomatic ties by opening embassies, and developing ports for trade exchange, according to a statement released by the Ethiopian Ministry of Information.

The agreement between both governments mainly focuses on restoring their relations through political, economic, social, cultural, and security cooperation that will serve and advance the vital interests of their peoples. The decision on the boundary between the two countries will be implemented, and both countries will jointly endeavour to ensure regional peace, development, and cooperation, according to the statement.

This came one day after Ethiopia’s new prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, arrived in Asmara, Eritrea, extending a hand for peace. The visit was welcomed by several Eritreans, and many stood on both sides of the road to greet him.

In an interview with Daily News Egypt, Ethiopian journalist Tesfe Alem said that the Ethiopians have completely welcomed all the reached agreements.

“Everybody is celebrating, and it is a major and historic turning point for integration and to put an end to arrests and terrorist activities in the volatile Horn of Africa region,” Alem said.

Regarding the benefits, he said that Ethiopia will be able to use Eritrea’s port at a very cheap cost, which will ease its high dependence on the Djibouti port and save hundreds of millions of dollars spent every year, adding that air and land transportation will begin this month, allowing people of both countries free movement, boosting trade, and social ties. In addition to this, the borders will be open.

Many countries have praised the decision.

In a statement issued by Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Egypt praised the agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia and the visit of the Ethiopian prime minister to end the conflict, describing the event as historic.

Egypt stressed that the visit will undoubtedly result in contributing to the opening of a new page between the two countries, in order to achieve security and stability in the region.

Ahmed sworn in office in April and announced a series of reforms that have turned politics on its head in his African nation, ending a state of emergency, releasing prisoners, and announcing plans to partially open up the economy to foreign investors.

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