Agreement between EG-Gate, DHL to support SMEs’ export logistics

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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In the framework of activating the national e-commerce strategy with the aim of establishing an integrated system to support the export logistics of micro, small, and medium enterprises, Egyptian Global Gate (EG-Gate), a company of Tahya Misr with contributions from the Ministries of Tourism, Aviation, and Communications, signed a memorandum of understanding with DHL to become its strategic partner to support Egyptian exports.

According to the memorandum, the products of Egyptian SMEs will be marketed around the globe starting in October via an EG-Gate portal. This will enable SMEs to benefit from DHL Express shipping services.

Minas Ibrahim, CEO of EG-Gate and managing director, said that with the activation of the integrated system, it will become the first of its kind to support the export logistics of SME products for global markets.

Ibrahim added that the agreement comes to implement the objectives of the national company: support the exports of Egyptian industries, facilitate mechanisms to qualify them for competition in world markets, and support the national economy.

In the same context, DHL Middle East and North Africa CEO Nour Suliman, said that the company is providing the service for the first time and will open the door to increasing Egyptian exports abroad and promoting small and medium business products to provide added value to the national economy. He noted that the agreement will give the opportunity to select the best sellers for training in Germany, as well as the development of a promotional logo for EG-Gate.    

The agreement will contribute to achieving the objectives of EG-Gate in terms of integration with all entities in the state to provide an integrated system to provide the latest mechanisms of marketing and electronic commerce through the partnership between national and international entities to optimise the support and automation of the SME sector in order to support exports and enable them to compete internationally and penetrate world markets.

EG-Gate was established in November 2017 in a decree by Prime Minister Sherif Ismail, with the support and patronage of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, in order to overcome the export and marketing obstacles facing Egyptian products and services in order to compete in international markets through establishingof the official national platform for marketing, commerce, and electronic reservation to provide export opportunities for micro, small, and medium enterprises as well as promotion of e-tourism, in line with the latest international practices.

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