ElBalto: Healthcare app connecting patients, doctors, caregivers

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ElBalto, a mobile-based platform, was launched by a startup aiming to transform healthcare through connecting patients, doctors, and caregivers.

The co-founder and CEO of the company, Mahmoud Abdalla, explained that receiving medical assistance in non-emergency cases often meets unneeded hassles and obstacles, such as traffic jams, doctor cancellations, or no-shows

He added that in Egypt’s case, with more than 98.87m mobile subscribers, ElBalto would allow patients to consult an accredited doctor online using a mobile application and communicate either via voice or video call.

Furthermore, the app would also have an option to request or schedule a home visit. “We make sure to stay as close as possible to our clients, putting their needs and feedback at the heart of our decisions. The services we offer are meant to make their lives easier and more comfortable”, said Abdalla, also adding that ElBalto is making sure to attract the best healthcare professionals out there (doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, and nurse aids), guaranteeing the quality as well as reliability of ElBalto.

On the other hand, Chief Marketing Officer Shahinda Samir explained that given the growing need for accessible, easy, and reliable healthcare,  it will not take long for users to get used to this new way of seeking healthcare.

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