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Opinion| Protecting patients from ransomware attacks

Why is healthcare cyber resiliency critical as we move beyond recovery?

Tarek Heiba Tarek Heiba

Minimally invasive treatment provides fast pain relief for cancer patients

Patients with debilitating bone tumours experienced improved quality of life in as…

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Researchers investigate more effective treatments for older breast cancer patients

Study shows that least fit should be offered treatments to help bridge…

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Pregnant COVID-19 patients at greater risk of ICU care, giving birth prematurely

Older age, obesity, pre-existing medical conditions increase pregnant women’s risk of more…

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Study reveals causes behind COVID-19 patients possible loss of smell

Part of nose responsible for smelling could also be place where coronavirus…

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38,000 COVID-19 home-isolation patients in Egypt receive treatment bags since May

A total of 36,567 of patients in home-isolation are adults, 1,761 patients…

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WHO welcomes Dexamethasone promising results among COVID-19 patients

Medication may cause negative side effects, should be taken under medical supervision,…

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Healthcare professionals offer comfort, monitoring to COVID-19 patients at home

Patients receive daily follow-up to monitor when they need emergency care

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‘Ahalyna’ offers online medical help for COVID-19 patients self-isolating at home

Doctors in the initiative follow up with around 88 cases, says co-founder 

Fatma Lotfi Fatma Lotfi

Health Ministry announces instructions on caring for home-isolated COVID-19 patients 

Stringent instructions include separating patients from the rest of the household and…

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