Saving Uganda’s lifeline with trees and microloans

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Western Uganda’s Mpanga River is the lifeline for local communities and ecosystems in the region. But like many rivers around the world, it faces multiple threats. Locals are joining forces to protect it.Project aim: Protecting the Mpanga River and the surrounding national parks.

Project implementation: Planting more than 18,000 indigenous trees in the area so far; raising awareness of environmental protection in schools; providing microloans for the local community.

Project partners: National Resources Defense Initiative, PROTOS, government of Belgium, Fort Portal Municipal Council, government of Uganda.

The Mpanga River flows along the green and lush ranges of Western Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains. The river supports dense forest, local communities and multiple species, including chimpanzees. But plastic pollution, poor sanitation and intensive farming are threatening this vital lifeline.

Environmental activist Edgar Muganzi is trying to reverse ecological damage by planting native trees that help prevent erosion, and encouraging communities to defend their environment with the help of microloans.

A film by Julius Mugambwa

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