Al Motahedoon Group to launch EGP 1.2bn Eterna Healthcare City in Emaar’s Mivida

Shaimaa Al-Aees
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Al Motahedoon Group for Real Estate Development and Management launched on Sunday its newest project, Eterna Helathcare City, an upscale medical complex located at the heart of Emaar’s project Mivida’s business centre.

During a press conference, Al Motahedoon Group announced it will develop and market the medical complex over the forthcoming four years. The 80,000 sqm built-up project will be developed at a total cost of EGP 1.2bn, on a total land area of 24,000 sqm, and will be delivered in 2021.

Eterna Healthcare City is located at the centre of Mivida’s business district and its masterplan comprises a hospital, fully finished multi-disciplinary clinics, medical labs, radiology centres, specialised centres, pharmacies, and commercial units associated with medical activity. 

In addition, the all-encompassing project will also include a number of amenities and facilities, all in line with the latest international standards for healthcare facilities.

The project is designed and landscaped by award-winning EHAF Consulting Engineers.

Eterna Healthcare City is the third medical real estate development by Al Motahedoon Group, succeeding Healthcare City (HCC) and the Cairo Medical Centre (CMC). A partnership between Maadi Group and Alsharq Aldawleya, Al Motahedoon Group was established in 2017, offering a combination of global healthcare expertise represented in a prominent portfolio of medical developments in Egypt, Canada, and Europe.

Ahmed Labib, chairperson of Al Motahedoon Group, said that Egypt is currently in dire need of quality healthcare infrastructure and services, adding that the sector needs prompt and significant progress to be able to meet a demand gap.

Labib went on to explain that the service is beyond providing expertise of building medical centres, but  includes the company’s efforts towards eliminating obstacles and bureaucracy which professionals tend to face when acquiring medical spaces, while accelerating processes,  clarifying  that Eterna HealthCare City is thoroughly equipped and complies with NFPA and IBC codes, including the HTC regulations for healthcare buildings, so that medical professionals can secure all the necessary certifications that enable smooth operation.

Units available at Eterna Healthcare City will be delivered in varying modules and sizes, ranging from 40 sqm to 1,000 sqm.

For his part, Montasser Abd El Baki, managing director at Al Motahedoon Group said that ordinary medical office buildings propose an abundance of challenges throughout the stages of a patient’s medical journey, manifested in a multi-stop process that includes pharmacies and diagnostic and imaging labs, before they can start receiving treatment. However, the thorough combination of services and techniques available at the Eterna complex cater to the varying medical needs and accelerate procedures.

Abd El Baki added, “in the coming years, the healthcare system needs to improve both quantitatively and qualitatively to meet with the existing and potential demand gap and we hope to be seen as a standard for the kind of facilities that should exist.” With a population growth rate of 2.2% per annum, this will continue to fuel demand for infrastructure services with a direct impact on the evolving urban landscape. Every year, Egypt needs a minimum of 2,500 beds (1.5 beds per 1,000 people) to 3,500 (2 beds per 1,000 people), resulting in a requirement of an additional 26,000 to 77,000 new beds by 2020 (and between 102,000 and 178,000 beds by 2050).

Labib noted that it is clear that demand in this sector for quality services is on the rise, adding that Greater Cairo, and specifically New Cairo and the surrounding area, represent a large bulk of that demand.

He added that this area, with an expected population growth of 121,000 by 2028, still lacks the necessary healthcare technology and infrastructure.

He emphasised the urgent need for such services, pointing out that the location of Mivida allows for convenient and smooth accessibility, which is an integral element affecting consumer decisions in terms of time and cost management.

Al Motahedoon Group is specialised in healthcare, commercial, and residential developments and is an integrated healthcare real estate partner for health systems, hospitals, medical groups, and universities.  Al Motahedoon Group was established in 2017 as a joint venture between long-time pioneers in the field Maadi Group and Alsharq Aldawleya.

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