AAIB named best investment bank in Egypt by Global Banking and Finance Review

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Global Banking and Finance Review awarded Arab African International Bank (AAIB) the title of Best Investment and Corporate Finance Bank in Egypt in 2017. The bank was also awarded the title of Egypt’s Top Bank for the same year by Banker Africa.

Hassan Abdalla, CEO at AAIB, said that half a century of expertise and international exposure, along with the synergies provided by the financial group, its regional presence, and proficient calibres, have provided AAIB with a solid platform for investment banking services.  “AAIB’s leadership in investment and corporate services is the outcome of multiple factors that—combined together—established its distinction,” he added.

He stated that the bank’s vision is based on activating its role as a gateway to attract international investments to Egypt, through the provision of better integrated financial and investment solutions to many investors from around the world, for example, the Arabian Gulf, China, Europe, and the United States.

Abdalla pointed out that the bank, as a leading banking institution, supports investments by providing the required funding and financial advice. It also contributes to raising the productive capacity of many vital sectors in Egypt in order to facilitate development.

AAIB has recently funded a number of larger projects related to the field of solar power generation in Egypt during the first and second phase of the feed-in tariff programme, which was launched by the Egyptian government with the aim of boosting Egypt’s renewable energy capacity to 20% of its total energy production by 2022.

Among the projects that the bank has contributed to is the solar power generation project in Benban, Aswan, set to become the largest solar power park in the world with a target capacity of 1.8 GW.

“AAIB focuses on meeting the needs of its clients through strong client-adviser relations and industry-leading solutions.  Its extensive regional presence, market performance, expertise, and dedication to excellence is what makes it stand out as the clear winner in this category,” said Wanda Rich, editor at Global Banking and Finance Review.

The bank’s services in the field of investment banking and corporate finance extend to financial advisory services in the field of capital offerings, mergers and acquisitions, feasibility studies and valuations, IPOs coverage and the services of arranging, and bookrunning syndicated loans directed to the largest projects in Egypt and the region in various sectors along with investment fields.

The bank is considered one of the leading banks in the field of arranging and issuing corporate and securitisation bonds in the local market, in addition to serving as custodian of these proposals as well as acting as broker agent.

According to Matthew Amlôt, editor at Banker Africa, the bank’s recognition is a testimony to its outstanding capabilities in the banking industry.

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